How electrodes are placed on the hand and foot


  • The exam area should be comfortable and free of drafts and portable electric heaters.
  • The exam table surface must be non-conductive and large enough for the subject to lie supine
    with the arms 30 degrees from the body and legs not in contact with each other.
  • The BIA – 101Q analyzer battery should have a new 9 volt battery.
  • The BIA – 101A analyzer and Spectrum battery should be fully charged.
  • The analyzer calibration and patient cables should be checked regularly (see manual).


  • The subject should not have exercised or taken a sauna within 8 hours of the study.
  • The subject should refrain from alcohol intake for 12 hours prior to the study.
  • The subject’s height and weight should be accurately measured and recorded.
  • The subject should lie quietly during the entire test.
  • The subject should not be wet from sweat or urine.
  • The subject should not have a fever or be in shock.
  • The study and testing procedure should be explained to the subject.


  • The subject should remove the right shoe and sock (generally the study is completed on the right side of the body). The body side (left or right) should always be used subsequently.
  • The subject should lie supine with the arms 30 degrees from the body and legs not touching and remove jewelry on the electrode side.
  • The electrode sites may be cleaned with alcohol, particularly if the skin is dry or covered with lotion.
  • Attach the electrodes and patient cables as shown in the illustration.
  • Turn the analyzer on and make sure the subject refrains from moving. When the measurements have stabilized, record the displayed Resistance (R) and Reactance (Xc) with the subject’s name, age, gender, height and weight.
  • Remove and dispose of the electrodes, be careful not injure the subject’s skin or contaminate the operator.
  • The entire testing time is less than 5 minutes – the BIA analyzer is on for less than one minute.
  • The results are available immediately from the software program.
  • The study may be repeated as often, as necessary.

Operator/examiners must demonstrate the following level of proficiency: Two consecutive measurements made on a single, stable subject must result in values within one percent.

There have never been any reports of morbidity or mortality associated with the study. If you have any questions, please call RJL Systems at 1-800-528-4513