Software Updates

BC Segmental

Use these packages to install BC Segmental on your computer, or to upgrade to the latest release.

BC Segmental can be safely installed alongside BC4, and will remain completely separate.

BC 4 (Whole Body)

RJL Systems is now offering a 30-day FREE trial of BC4. Download and run the appropriate installer, below:

BC4 can be safely installed alongside BC3, and will import all of your settings from BC3, including which database to store data in. If you decide BC4 is not for you, simply uninstall it.

If you decide to keep it, purchase a license key.

If you have a licensed older copy of BC4 installed and your update subscription is current, you can use the trial to upgrade your software. If your subscription has lapsed, the installer will ask you to renew it.

BC 3

BC 3.0.9b

BC 3.0.9b is a minor update that builds upon the data updates in 3.0.9a. Itincludes the following revisions:

  • The original activity list has been merged with the list from 3.0.9a, creating a longer, more broad list of activities.
  • Lean Dry Mass (LDM) and the associated average ranges were missing from the Averages Summary page in the software and in the overview on the first page of the "Big Table" formatted report.

And, from 3.0.9a:

  • Updated activity list to be more inclusive.
  • Revised meal plans to be more modern and include vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Updated the definitions page in the report.

NOTE:On Windows, you may continue seeing the old food and activity information after installing this update. If that happens, run the "Clear stale program data" utility found on the desktop and in the Start Menu folder. You will need to do this for every person that uses the BC program.

BC 2.1

BC 2.1 Build 10

The final release in the BC1 - BC2 series is version 2.1 Build 10.

Any copy of BC from version "1.0 Build 1" to "2.1 Build 9" can be updated to version "2.1 Build 10" with this update. Download the update.

A summary of the change history can be read here.

Please Note:This is not a complete installer. You must have BC installed on your computer and the BC program must be closed before applying this update. It also CAN NOT be used to downgrade BC3 to BC 2.1

Quantum-III Firmware

The latest release of the firmware for the Quantum-III analyzer is "06-Jan-10 10:16:18" - Download

Important:If your Quantum-III has serial number Q31002 or Q31004,DO NOT install this update. Instead, please contact RJL Systems for assistance.

Instructions on how to apply the firmware update

Caution:Make sure that all records have been downloaded from the Quantum-III before you attempt to upgrade its firmware. Any records still stored on the Quantum-III when the upgrade is performed WILL BE LOST.