New Directions in BIA

The methods and applications of BIA in this section may not neccessarily be new. However, they do represent areas of BIA research which are either unexplored or found in obscure journals:

Today, when someone mentions BIA, there are certain concepts which can usually be assumed about how the BIA test is being performed and why. It is generally understood the test is being done to estimate body composition parameters by a hand to foot measurement that measures the whole body.

The documents in this section discusses different techniques for performing the BIA test. There are methods of interpreting the BIA data which are new and old that demonstrate important scientific concepts. Some of these application have been around for decades, effectively unnoticed by the scientific community.

Documents linked to from this page discuss topics and uses of bioelectrical impedance science which may not be in wide usage. As a result, the statements made within them likely have not been evaluated by the FDA. RJL Systems is not making any claims about possible clinical utility of the topics discussed. The intended audience for these documents is the greater research community.