RJL Sciences’ Quantum series of Bioelectric Impedance Analyzers (BIAs) provide the perfect solution for health professionals looking for a safe, repeatable, noninvasive measuring system for their clients. All of our BIAs provide fast, accurate readings of overall body composition, including:

  • Fat
  • Fat Free Mass
  • Total Body Water
  • Lean Dry Mass
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  • DEE (Daily Energy Expenditure)

With our Quantum series, health care professionals will find a wide range of analyzers to fit just about any clinical or research setting. All of our analyzers are designed to be completely portable, making them easy to use anywhere you need to use them.

Quantum Analyzers Comparison Chart:



Quantum Legacy

Quantum IV

Quantum V Segmental

Whole human body composition

Segmental BIA (each arm, leg, and torso)



Animals and fish



Monitor impedance values in real-time








BC Software included

External portable printer




Internal record storage



Wired communications


Wireless communications



Coming Soon

Real-time BIA with internal storage



Data Logger software included




PS/2 keyboard included





0.1 Ω

0.1 Ω

0.1 Ω

Battery Type

9V Alkaline



Standard Warranty

3 Year

1 Year

3 Year

Quantum V Segmental

The Quantum V Segmental is the latest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) medical device from the industry originator RJL Systems. The Quantum V Segmental has been enhanced with the ability to perform segmental body composition assessment on 13 zones of the human body. This Class II medical device provides fast and accurate segmental body composition assessments of fat and lean soft tissue (LST).

Learn more about the Quantum V Segmental

Quantum IV

The Quantum IV is the newest and most advanced BIA system. With a curved, ergonomic design, it’s easy to handle and simple to set up. It features an easy-to-read backlit OLED display that shows resistance, reactance, impedance and phase angle and an isolated USB port for quick PC connectivity and printout generation. The Quantum IV will measure whole-body BIA, but can also be configured, with optional equipment and software, to track individual measurements of arms, legs and torso for even more specific records. It can be reprogrammed and updated as new features and software are developed.

Learn more about the Quantum IV

Quantum Legacy

The Quantum Legacy will quickly and accurately measure a client’s whole-body BIA with 0.1 ohms of resolution. Small and easily transportable, it runs on a single 9 volt battery.

Learn more about the Quantum Legacy