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Whole Body Composition Software

Whole Body Composition Software

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Product Overview:

Scale weight alone does not provide enough information to help create customized healthy weight management programs for individuals. BC software is ideal for the healthcare professionals monitoring and recording changes in body composition. After testing with an RJL body composition analyzer, the measurements are entered into the BC software which performs the body composition analysis. The results can provide suggestions for effective lifestyle changes to improve body composition by using food and fitness ideas included in the software. Body composition changes can be easily monitored over time with historical graphic and/or numeric reporting. Optional input fields include blood pressure, vitamin D, A1C, lipid panel, and waist, wrist, and neck circumfrences. BC is also able to import patient information from databases created by RJL’s previous body composition software. BC provides numerous sets of prediction equations for estimating body composition.

Population Equation Options:

  • NHANES-III (General Population) This equation set is appropriate for general populations, and the Fat, FFM, and TBW formulas have been validated with data from the NHANES-III study
  • New Pediatric ( Ages 4 – 19 ) (Also validated for obese children)
  • Mexican Adults ( Male & Female )
  • Native Americans
  • Obese ( BMI > 30 )
  • African American ( Obese )
  • Athletic
  • HIV
  • BIA-103 ( Provided for historical purposes only )
  • All Body Types (BMI adjustable)

Features of BC

  • Estimates body composition and other values:
    FAT    TBW    BMR    Phase Angle
    FFM    ICW    DEE    Impedance
    BMI    ECW
  • Historical graphs and reports allow tracking changes over time.
  • Provides sample exercises and meal plan to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

BC 4


Sample Full Report


RJL Systems is now offering a 30-day FREE trial of BC4. Download and run the appropriate installer, below:

PC Apple Mac
Download BC 4.2.2 for Windows NO LONGER SUPPORTED.

BC4 can be safely installed alongside BC3, and will import all of your settings from BC3, including which database to store data in. If you decide BC4 is not for you, simply uninstall it.

If you decide to keep it, purchase a license key.

If you have a licensed older copy of BC4 installed and your update subscription is current, you can use the trial to upgrade your software. If your subscription has lapsed, the installer will ask you to renew it.

Revision History

Please Click Here to see the list of changes in the BC4 program.

System Requirements

PC Apple Mac
Windows 7 / 8 / 10
100 MiB disk space available
No Longer Supported

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