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Quantum VII - Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer (BIA)

Quantum VII - Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer (BIA)

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Product Overview:

The new portable hand-held Quantum VII Biological Impedance Analyzer (BIA) continuously measures true biological resistance and reactance properties and averages each sample creating a highly accurate BIA for the short and long term study of human body composition by health care professionals.

In Classical BIA mode the number of averages grows with time until the ON button is pressed. Averaging improves accuracy and resolution (0.1 ohms) by reducing the effects of motion, respiration and circulation. The standard deviation (variance) of the average resistance, reactance and phase angle are available to illustrate the magnitude of these effects. Pressing the ON button again will save the BIA measurements as a time stamped record then shut the Quantum VII off. Excellent for remote (field) individual BIA measurements that are analyzed weeks later.

In Scheduled BIA mode measurements are taken at specific intervals from 2 seconds to 24 hours. Any interval above 20 seconds will cause the Quantum VII to sleep until the next sample time arrives. The instrument will then wake up for 5 seconds to take a new measurement, average 6 observations and create a new report record. An experiment with a 1 hour sample rate could run for months on a single battery charge. Applications include accurate human body composition, food sciences and animal research to name just a few.

Key Features 

  • The Quantum VII is a highly portable real time instrument standard for measuring short and long term changes in body composition from seconds to months.
  • All measurements are saved and time stamped.
  • Powered with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi communications for data transfer.

BC Software

Windows based Body Composition software is included with the purchase of the Quantum VII. Resistance and Reactance data from the instrument front panel display are manually entered in BC. A Free online version (Interactive BIA) of BC is also available that has the same results except graphs. All BIA tests are saved with the Quantum VII that can be reviewed later with Interactive BIA.

Quantum VII Plus

The QVII+ package was designed to provide a new or established health practitioner (medical doctor, chiropractor, naturopath, fitness instructor, etc), all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently integrate Quantum BIA into their practice. This package provides the necessary instrument, accessories, and supplies to launch BIA at your practice the same day it arrives. You save 15% by purchasing this program instead of buying everything individually. This is a $598 savings.

Here’s what you get in the QVII-PLUS package:

Equipment and Warranties
Description Value
Quantum VII with BC Software $2,740
A two year extension on the Quantum VII’s warranty (for a total of 5 years) $198
One additional seat license for BC4 (for a total of 2 licensed installations) $50
Two spare sets of subject cables. ($75 value, each) $150
TEN coupons for free (500ct) boxes of electrodes. ($100 value, each)


Quantum VII WIFI Bridge
Subtotal: $4,213
Description Value
Technician Pre-Recorded Webinar $FREE
Practitioner Pre-Recorded Webinar $FREE
Subtotal: $FREE
Total Value: $4,213
Your Cost: $3,540
You Save: $673

Quantum VII Documents

Quantum VII Manual

Quantum VII Brief

Quantum VII Wifi Setup

Quantum VII Brochure

Quantum VII Wifi Bridge


Quantum VII Wifi Setup

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