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Segmental Body Composition Software

Segmental Body Composition Software

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Product Overview:

The Quantum V Segmental BIA provides quantitative regional body composition assessments that are similar to those produced by Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) scanners. This is performed by using eight hand and foot electrodes (left and right side) with the subject in a supine position and measuring 13 resistance and reactance regions on the human body. The comparative characteristics of segmental body composition assessments are highly significant, as segmental muscle atrophy and hypertrophy can be clearly illustrated by analyzing and comparing collected data as a comparative percentage or change over time.

Health care professionals such as physicians who are interested in regional muscle wasting will find the Quantum V Segmental BIA a valuable tool. In addition, physical therapists, sport medicine trainers and nutritionists can monitor and track their patients progress and health improvements on specific regions of the body.

The Quantum V Segmental BIA uses an eight lead 12-channel multiplexer to quickly measure resistance and reactance values from each arm, leg and right and left torso, including the upper and lower regions of the human body in less than 20 seconds. The repeatability and accuracy of the resistance and reactance measurements allow the smallest changes to be recorded with 0.1 ohms of resolution.

A unique and patented feature of the RJL Systems segmental BIA instrument is that the sum of the lean soft tissue (LST) or fat mass is equal to the whole body LST or fat assessment. This is similar to the sum of the DEXA measurements that approximates to body weight.

Population Equation Options:

  • NHANES-III (General Population) This equation set is appropriate for general populations, and the Fat, FFM, and TBW formulas have been validated with data from the NHANES-III study
  • New Pediatric ( Ages 4 – 19 ) (Also validated for obese children)
  • Mexican Adults ( Male & Female )
  • Native Americans
  • Obese ( BMI > 30 )
  • African American ( Obese )
  • Athletic
  • HIV
  • BIA-103 ( Provided for historical purposes only )
  • All Body Types (BMI adjustable)

Features of BC

  • Estimates body composition and other values:
    FAT    TBW    BMR    Phase Angle
    FFM    ICW    DEE    Impedance
    BMI    ECW
  • Historical graphs and reports allow tracking changes over time.
  • Provides sample exercises and meal plan to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

BC Segmental

Please note: This software is specific to the Segmental Quantum-V Analyzer. If you have any other analyzer, install BC4 instead.


Use these packages to install BC Segmental on your computer, or to upgrade to the latest release.

PC Apple Mac
Download BC Segmental 1.1.3 for Windows NO LONGER SUPPORTED.

BC Segmental can be safely installed alongside BC4, and will remain completely separate.

System Requirements

PC Apple Mac
Windows 7 / 8 / 10
100 MiB disk space available
No Longer Supported


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